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Meet L.D. The Internet Salesmen
L.D. has helped ten's of thousands sell their stuff on the internet since 1996. If your Hot 2 Sell it, He's the "Little Devil" burning the classifieds up WITH real ads. He's funny, crazy an loves the internet ride while stealing your heart. He's the Little Devil your Momma told you about.

If it's an L.D. Ad it's not some foreign country scammer putting it on 100's of free classified sites all day every day.

You can find L.D. and his band of Millennial Misfits riding the internet looking for real Buyers and Sellers of stuff. L.D. is not the "We Sell It For You" kinda deal. Nope, L.D. get's it in front of the buyers for you. With 1000's of classified web sites on the internet today it would take you weeks to put your ad on all of them an costing $100's in submission fees.
Let's face it the internet's not free anymore these days unless loaded with scammers. L.D. is alway's cruisin around the internet getting different places he can put your ad at a cost savings to you.

When you take an ad with L.D. you don't get the fill out the form automated program where you fill everything out an then pay for just that site. Nope you get a real live LiL Devil who will be YOUR Ad Listing Manager from start to sold. Your "Lil Devil" will work with you on getting the best looking Ad out there for a price you can afford. Not all classifieds are the same and have the same features available for you. Your Lil Devil has put on 1000's of ads all over the internet just this month.

Not Everything Sells over night...
With L.D. your ad runs until SOLD. None of this 1 month - 3 month or 1 year pay pay pay crap! Nope L.D. market's it until it's sold. L.D. works for you the "For Sale By Owner"

Meet the Millennial Misfits!
The Millennial Misfits are just that Misfits! But they are L.D.'s Misfits! So y'all are in for one hell of a ride! We are the new generation helping people with where to sell their items on today's internet.

Meet "Abbster" born about the same time as Napster she doesn't do the illegal file sharing thing but she sure does share L.D. ads. Abbster like's to poke the bear but doesn't share with them. Abbster is very outgoing, and sociable an soon to be a little Devil. She's not afraid to put in a hard days work getting your ad out where ever she can for you. She can be little crazy some times, But hey, there Misfits! We were the one's born with the cell phones in our hands.